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 Equipe Roadbeasts

This team is determined to win and have a good time doing it! The seven members of the Road Beasts™ team; hail from jungles, forests and marshes all over the world. With racecars rigged to move like jungle cats through triple-canopy vegetation, these drivers have what it takes to cut through the green. And if driving skill alone won't pull it off, well it'll be time to break out the tire-spikes and automatic buzz saw blades!

The  Road Beasts™  team  is  lead with an unerring flair

 for  pinpointing  the  exact  direction  by  the  brash  and

 charming teen William "Banjee" Castillo™.


  Carro 15 - Líder



    Banjee Castillo



Nothing pleases Banjee Castillo™ more than racing through the rain forests of his native Puerto Rico. His incredible driving skills, sense of direction, and ability to navigate through maze-like conditions in the road-eating Ballistik™ racecar make him the perfect leader for the Road Beasts™ team. Banjee's brash front hides uncertainties he feels about winning the race, but he will learn that mistakes build character, and that a good enough character becomes a hero.
Personality: A penchant for good-natured jibes, bravado, and bending the rules to serve his purposes hides the fact that this superb driver sometimes doesn’t think he’s as good as he really is.
Banjee Castillo™ may be cocky, but he is also the most approachable driver in the race. He keeps the competition on the track.

  Carro 16



    Ric Handy




A well-known off-road explorer with an interest in wildlife, Ric Handy drives best on rugged terrain. His love for animals and natural environments is only matched by his passion for racing. Driving Zotic™ on Hot Wheels Highway 35™ combines all of Ric’s favorite things, and makes him a sure-fire hit on the Road Beasts™ team.

Personality: In tune with the spirit of nature, he enjoys the sheer physical sensation of racing.

  Carro 17


  Twin Mill

    Pete Karris





They say Pete Karris is "everything nice with a little Cajun spice." As a driver, he came to prominence on the racing circuit running through the American south. He rides with the Road Beasts™ now, and he’d be glad to admit that the Twin Mill® is the greatest car he’s driven in his entire life!

Personality: He could soup up anything he got his hands on, beat you on the quarter-mile and charm you into buying him some fried catfish when the race was done.

  Carro 18



    Jerry Boylan




Jerry Boylan comes from a family of lumberjacks and millers. He’s at his best when he’s driving through rough terrain and hauling major loads. A true working man, he is everything a World Race™ driver could want in a teammate. That makes him perfect for driving Moto-Crossed™ for the Road Beasts™ team.

Personality: Fond of quoting various "wise" relatives while performing incredible feats such as driving over trees nearly a quarter-mile tall, he’ll always try the direct approach before falling back on complex strategies.

  Carro 19







A ‘gator-hunting good ol' boy from the Florida Everglades, Skeet is as big as a house and half as smart. He specializes in off-road swamp runs, making him the perfect man behind the wheel of the Road Beasts™ racecar, Vulture®.

Personality: A lovable lug whose sense of humor often keeps his teammates in stitches.

  Carro 20


  Power Rocket






Raised in the ancient jungles of Central America, Yucatan became a stunt driver in Cancun, performing "Mayan Adventure Shows" for the tourists along the Yucatan Peninsula. He quit the circuit after his failure to stop a fellow driver's foolhardy maneuver nearly cost them both their lives. Racing Power Rocket™ for the Road Beasts™ puts him back in the driver’s seat, where he belongs.

Personality: This huge, powerful man can take a punch and a fall with ease, but he’s just as suited to moving stealthily through the great outdoors.

  Carro 21


  Power Pistons

    Esmeralda Sanchez





As one of the few young women driving in the World Race™, Esmeralda has something to prove! She drives her cars fast, low and aggressive, and she’s just as good on hard pavement as she is cross-country. That makes her both an asset and a rival to her Road Beasts™ team leader, Banjee.

Personality: A rebel at heart, she often questions authority. Bending the rules has gotten her far in life, but it can also get her into trouble!




  Carro 01 - Zamac




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