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 Equipe Street-Breed

These are the racers who were born and bred to be fast and furious. Hailing from major cities around the world, the members of the Street Breed™ team are streetwise and serious about winning-even if it means they have to play a little rough.


Driving their cars to an urban  beat,  they  would  follow

their leader,  championship  racer  Kurt Wylde™, to the

four corners of the globe. And even though Highway 35

runs through all types of weird natural terrain, it will end

                                                              on the streets of a city.  Count  on  the  members of the

                                                              Street Breed™ team to be there!

  Carro 08 - Líder


  Sling Shot

    Kurt Wilde





The World Race™ is Kurt’s shot at redemption. Once celebrated as one of the best racecar drivers in the world, Kurt was recently accused of running an off-spec car at the Grand Prix and was disqualified. But Kurt’s skills still put him at the head of the Street Breed™ team, and many are betting that Kurt’s Sling Shot™ racecar will be the first across the finish line.

Personality: Serious, aggressive and fiercely competitive.

  Carro 09


  Side Draft

    Dan Dresden





A former street racer from San Francisco whose skills landed him on the professional racing circuit, Dan Dresden is a good guy and a fair competitor - but he still has a bit of the "street streak" in him. No one can take steep hills at top speeds better than he can in the Side Draft™.

Personality: His sense of honor will have him follow the person in charge, until that person does something fundamentally wrong. Then he strikes out on his own.

  Carro 10


  Pontiac Rageous






Before the World Race™, Toño was the best bike messenger in all of Mexico. He could weave his way through the most crowded city streets and alleys. He knows he’s good and doesn’t have to run his mouth to prove it. All of this makes him great material for the Street Breed™ team!

Personality: This rough-and-tumble guy believes actions speak louder than words, and he’s not one for conversation.

  Carro 11



   Ricky Bell





A street racer who specialized in winning drags down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Ricky Bell is laid-back and cool as ice. He loves rap and hip-hop music, and often plays it at top volume while racing 24/Seven™ through the twisting roads of Hot Wheels Highway 35™.

Personality: Can be eager to please, and is something of a follower, but has the potential to be a true leader.

  Carro 12


  Road Rocket

    Bart "Shrimp" Scampi





The only thing faster than this short, nervous New Yorker’s motor mouth is his driving! Bart "Shrimp" Scampi has lightning-quick reflexes and a quicksilver mind. He’s all about getting things done in the shortest amount of time possible, and he’s got the Road Rocket™ to back him up on that!

Personality: This dude may be speedy, but he’s also greedy! This kind of combination might just get him into trouble on Hot Wheels Highway 35™.

  Carro 13



    San Jay Khan





An explorer and mapper of ancient ruins throughout the Far East, San Jay Khan hails from the city of New Delhi in India. Though not a racer by nature, his skill at navigating through lost cities earned him a spot on the Street Breed™ team behind the wheel of the spectacular Aeroflash®.

Personality: A passionate admirer of art and architecture, he would do anything to see the work of the ancients preserved.

  Carro 14


  Pontiac Firebird






A driver who has competed and triumphed in some of Europe’s most intense races, Maximo is the consummate professional. This athlete from Rome, Italy can shift gears at hyper-speeds, but he refuses to "abuse" his Pontiac® Firebird® by performing foolish stunts. Naturally, he’ll have to do just that to survive Hot Wheels Highway 35™!

Personality: Elegant, arrogant, a lover of life’s pleasures, he lifts his nose at "surf rats" and "dirt riders" who don’t treat racecar driving as the sport of kings.




  Carro 01 - Zamac

  Sling Shot



                                                           Imagens: www.hotwheels.com.

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